Child Support

Tracie Kogura: Proactive Child Support Representation

California law stipulates that both parents must provide their children with financial and emotional support. However, the means of dividing that support may differ from one couple to the next. Sorting through this division of support can be complicated, especially when differences in income and parenting time are taken into account. While the custodial parent generally receives child support payments from the non-custodial parent, other arrangements may prove necessary. Regardless of your preferences regarding child custody and support, you can count on Tracie Kogura for exceptional legal counsel and representation.

How is Child Support Determined in California?

In California, as in most other states, child support largely depends on the number of children the parents had together, how much time each parent spends with his or her children, and each parent’s income. For some spouses, the number of children from other relationships may be considered as well. Often, parents are able to use these considerations to arrive at their own mutually beneficial agreements. This is especially common in divorces settled through mediation and collaboration. If parents cannot agree, it is up to the courts, which adhere to specific guidelines while using an algebraic formula. In rare cases, courts may deviate from these guidelines, especially if mechanical application of the state’s child support formula proves unfair.


Circumstances can change quickly, and a parent who was previously able to provide a certain level of support for his or her children may no longer be able to do so. If this occurs, it is important to seek a child support modification as soon as possible. Typically, modifications occur in response to job loss or unforeseen medical expenses. Your chances of achieving a child support modification are far greater if you work with a skilled attorney, who can use compelling evidence to prove why you deserve a break.

Tracie Kogura: Excellent Handling of All Child Support Matters

Whether you require assistance with determining a fair child support arrangement or need help achieving a modification, you can depend on Tracie Kogura for high-quality counsel and representation. She possesses a thorough understanding of child support rules and regulations in California, as well as considerable legal skill in mediation, collaboration, and litigation. With her help, you and your ex can arrive at an arrangement that ensures the continued well-being of your children.

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