Child Custody

When it comes to divorce and separation, no issue is quite as emotionally tinged as child custody. When parents are facing the question of who will care for and support their children, they need the help of a skilled lawyer to ensure that not only are their rights as parents protected, but also, and most importantly, their children’s best interests are protected. For parents in San Jose, the Law Office of Tracie T. Kogura provides the voice of experience and compassion during the challenge of a child custody case.

Understanding the Questions of Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases bring a number of questions that need to be considered. The most pressing question is what arrangement will be in the child’s best interests. In most instances, keeping contact with both parents, such as is the case in joint custody, is the best option, but this is not always the case. When you choose Tracie T. Kogura for your child custody lawyer, this will be the primary consideration made.

Additionally, child custody arrangements need to consider the rights and interests of the children. For example, if one parent is going to move across the country, yet wants a shared custody arrangement, this could put too much of a strain on the custodial parent. Your child custody lawyer will work to ensure the arrangement protects your rights as a parent and your interests.

Child Custody Help from an Experienced and Caring Divorce Attorney

When you choose an attorney to support you in your child custody negotiations, you want to know that your lawyer is going to provide not only excellent legal help, but also compassion through these challenging cases. The Law Office of Tracie T. Kogura does both.

Serving Santa Clara County from offices on San Jose, Attorney Tracie T. Kogura has helped many clients through this process, and she understands what is needed to minimize trauma while protecting clients and their children. If you want to ensure that your rights and interests are protected as you prepare for your child custody case, contact Tracie T. Kogura for a consultation. With her help, you can maintain your relationship with you children, protect their best interests and move forward with your life free from the questions raised by your child custody case.

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