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About the Practice

Attorney Tracie T. Kogura focuses her practice on family law, including divorce, child custody, alimony and mediation. She is an experienced family law attorney in San Jose, CA, who is committed to acting in her clients’ best interests. In addition, she renders personalized and caring attention to her clients. Attorney Tracie T. Kogura knows that family matters are often emotionally charged and helps the legal process run as smooth as possible. She’s always happy to answer questions, educate clients and listen to her clients’ individual circumstances. She lets her clients know the best legal strategy for their situation and protects their rights.

Legal Options

It’s best to know all of your legal options when it comes to divorce. Attorney Tracie T. Kogura advises clients of all their options and guides them to choosing the best one for their situation. It may be that a collaborative divorce or mediation is wiser than a court trial. Mediation is less time consuming, adversarial and costly. During the mediation process, attorney Tracie T. Kogura assists clients with preparing for its series of meetings and acts as a legal coach. She also carefully reviews any settlement before you sign on the dotted line. During a collaborative divorce, she works closely with the opposing party’s attorney to achieve an amicable settlement. If those options are not successful, she’s meticulously prepared to represent you in family court.

Smart, Caring and Professional

Attorney Tracie T. Kogura is a smart and caring legal professional. When needed, she investigates any hidden assets by the other spouse. She also assists in the drafting of parenting plans for child visitation. From child custody and asset distribution to alternative resolution strategies, she knows the state laws and stays abreast of any changes in the law. Her goal is to apply the law to ensure your rights and the rights of your family members are protected.

Going through a divorce is an emotional experience, and you need an experienced attorney like Tracie T. Kogura for financial and emotional protection. She fights to ensure that you get what you deserve and doesn’t back down. And if it comes down to a courtroom battle, she presents a strong case before the family court judge.

If you’re facing a family-related issue, let the experience of attorney Tracie T. Kogura work for you.

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